Unrequired Reading: Aug. 3, 2007

Links a-plenty to ease you into the weekend, dear readers! Enjoy!

Tim Sullivan: no longer an Anthony Kiedis fan.

* * *

My second favorite blogger named Gil opines on the nature of shark attacks.

* * *

Dita von Teese, talking about elegant fetishism and more.

* * *

Writing comes before web design. Oh, and make the logo bigger.

* * *

Patrick McGrath talks about the gothic (and 10 million other things) with BLDGBLOG.

* * *

Rehab for pop stars? No, no, no!

* * *

And here’s a quote from the book I started reading yesterday:

In typical Beaux-Arts fashion, the facade [of the New York Public Library] manages to appear both grandly monumental and coolly rational, except for a curious row of little doorways high up the wall, which lack balconies or even railings and open into mid-air. The strange little sky-exits, which a friend who works at the library claims are for staff defenestration, provide a fanciful note to the great marble facade.

–Witold Rybczynski, The Look of Architecture

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