Unrequired Reading: Jan. 9, 2009

It’s the pre-birthday edition! Celebrate my 38th by enjoying some great links! And buy me stuff! Or at least wish me a happy birthday on Sunday!

The bees also joined investment banks and started wearing power ties.

* * *

My blog is worth $200 million, too! Buy it now!

* * *

Mark Cuban: more conservative than Sumner Redstone.

* * *

And his memory is increasing all the time!

* * *

Chuck E. Cheese: Home of the Grown-Up Throw-Down!

* * *

Boom goes the dynamite Azidotetrazolate Salts!

* * *

Maybe the world is flat because it was only inflated with false air.

2 Replies to “Unrequired Reading: Jan. 9, 2009”

  1. Happy birthday. You have the same birthday as my wife, though she is two years younger than you are, so the interest is not quite as high as it might be, is not really much at all in fact if you don’t happen to know her, but I didn’t realize that fully until I had started typing the message.

  2. Mary J. Blige & I were born on the very same day, a mere 30 miles apart. No chance that we were switched at birth or anything, but I always thought it was nice to share that date with her.

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