Unrequired Reading: July 20, 2007

I’m off to Cleveland for a client visit, dear readers! I promise to come back with pictures of whatever Cleveland’s downtown is like. Meanwhile, here are some links for your edification, amusement, etc.!

Don’t look at me! (I was gonna go with “Do New Zealanders Dream of Elected Sheep?” but figured no one would get that ref)

* * *

Watch out, Super Best Friends! You, too, X-Presidents! Here come The Elders! (I hope none of them succumb to apathy)

* * *

Go, erf!

* * *

Rebels without a brain?

* * *

Tesla rocks!

* * *

My wife and my dad form an axis! Watch out, flickr!

* * *

Oh, and: not like you couldn’t guess, but Michael Vick is an imbecile.

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