Unrequired Reading: July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day, dear (American) readers! Now let’s blow some stuff up!

Just kidding; I’ve decided we’re going with all book-related links this week, because that’s what’s piling up in my RSS feed.

One year on field study in Africa. What books do you take along? (I’d load up my Kindle, get a solar-charger for it, and spend a lot of time with Middlemarch, I bet.)

* * *

Buy books for Iraq!

* * *

Sell books to a used bookstore! (cash or credit?)

* * *

Busting out the heavy canons!

* * *

A Blowhard reflects on college bookstores.

* * *

The future of publishing is — oh, who the fuck cares? (Bookslut has an opinion on this.)

* * *

What books are on your must-burn list? (I sorta wrote about it in my long-winded, aimless way here.)

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