Unrequired Reading: June 27, 2008

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Ticks suck.

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Franco-German friction has never been far below the surface.

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The Nonist: always with the eerily beautiful.

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Correction: Judas will be set apart from the holy generation, not for the holy generation. Please return to your gnostic misreadings.

* * *

Ya gotta have goals.

* * *

Erika Nanes gauges men by how they relate to used bookstores. I’m betting she doesn’t get laid much.

* * *

Longtime VM pal Tom Spurgeon has a great post on why the X-Men became popular. Just like that Thomas Dolby post I linked to a few weeks ago, I imagine that this isn’t a topic of importance to a great many of you, but a topic of great importance to a few of you. (But that was issue #132 where Wolverine had the great “I’m gonna kill everybody” monologue, not #133, you fool!)

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