Unrequired Reading: Mar. 2, 2007

A week off has left me laden with uncommented-upon links, dear reader! Enjoy

It’s only Revolutions:

The books come with introductions by Slavoj Žižek, a Slovenian psychoanalyst and social theorist, who assaults both the English language and the intelligence of those who actually manage to figure out what he’s saying.

* * *

13 sidekicks who are cooler than their heroes. (Aww, Willow’s so cute. . .)

* * *

Airbus is trying to restructure, but its unions consider any layoffs “an act of war.” Fortunately, unions in the U.S. aren’t so off-the-wall. Well, at least they’re not trying to get an “employee free choice act” passed.

* * *

Forest Whittaker could run for president right now. I mean, y’know, in Uganda.

* * *

Michael Young takes Sy Hersh to the woodshed for his recent Lebanon article.

* * *

I have so much more respect for George Soros now.

* * *

On a whim, I bought this.

* * *

I leave you with the best newspaper lede ever.

The second-best lede comes from the Sacramento Bee (reg. required, so no link):

A locker room prank as common as the snapped towel has one Ponderosa High School student in danger of felony assault charges and another in danger of losing his testicles.


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