Unrequired Reading: Mar. 30, 2007

Yeah, yeah: make with the links.

I’ve been reading a lot about Afghanistan’s history and how the country ended up in such bad shape. Here’s a piece from Spiegel on the possibilities of legalizing the country’s opium trade.

* * *

I think Daniel Gross exaggerates the “CDs are dead” argument so he can make his counterargument that they’re still a commercially viable medium. Still, he brings up some good points about their market.

* * *

Paul Di Filippo has more great ideas than he has time to write about, so take one!

* * *

I wish anything I did — besides my approach to dating in college — could be described as “brutalist”.

* * *

Mad Mix gets more than he bargained for from The Wicker Man (the original version, natch).

* * *

Some rappers have terrible names. Here are 25 of them.

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