Unrequired Reading: Sep. 14, 2007

Happy new year, my Jewish readers! Have a good Ramadan, my Muslim readers! I offer up links for all!

Agent Zero on the Glove, and Relationships 101.

* * *

My college had the worst architecture I’ve ever seen on a campus. Friedrich von Blowhard isn’t thrilled with U of Washington’s buildings.

* * *

The French know how to cheat.

* * *

Terrorists need logos, too.

* * *

Take care of knee-flab early, or you may face a whopping bill.

* * *Subtraction write abouts elevators and design at the NYTimes building. When I was a kid, I enjoyed playing Elevator Action. The Maoist-grafittoed sequel that came out in the mid-’90s was pretty crazy.

* * *

Go, ape!

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