What It Is: 12/14/09

What I’m reading: I’m catching up on some novels I read earlier this decade, for a “faves of the decade” post I’m working on. Moo-hoo-ha-ha-ha.

What I’m listening to: A Friend of a Friend, Genetic World, and The Garden.

What I’m watching: Jersey Shore! Duuuuude!

What I’m drinking: I didn’t drink much this past week. Amy had to work late often, and by the time I got her home from the train station, it was nearly bedtime, so I didn’t partake much. I do recall having a Desert Juniper & Q-Tonic at one point.

What Rufus & Otis are up to: Getting their holiday (Christmas and Chanukkah) pictures taken. Otis also got to go on his first Sunday greyhound hike up in Wawayanda State Park. Amy had a headache and couldn’t go, and I didn’t want to bring both boys on the hike, since it’s not too easy to walk ’em together, so I just brought our new boy, who got along great. And the other grey-hikers told me they’d walk Rufus, so I shouldn’t leave him home next time. Also, Ru & Otis are trying to convince me to sell my 2003 Honda Element and get this new model.

Where I’m going: Nowhere special.

What I’m happy about: Being in good shape to finish the print edition of our big-ass, year-end Contract Services Directory this week.

What I’m sad about: The Debt To Pleasure was published in 1996 and thus isn’t eligible for my faves of the decade list.

What I’m worried about: The grippe.

What I’m pondering: Whether I should post this incredibly NSFW link. Because it’s NSF many other aspects of our lives, too.

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