What It Is: 5/24/10

What I’m reading: Fly Fishing with Darth Vader and Bartleby the Scrivener

What I’m listening to: High Violet, by The National

What I’m watching: The Night of the Hunter, which was a) my first Robert Mitchum flick, and b) All That. Also, caught up on Parks & Rec and 30 Rock, and watched the first third of Dark City.

What I’m drinking: Bluecoat and Q-Tonic

What Rufus & Otis are up to: Not hiking on Sunday, as we were expecting rain. Which never arrived. Maybe we should get ’em an arts & crafts project, it being summer vacation time and all.

Where I’m going: Nowhere!

What I’m happy about: Getting together with my pal Jon-Eric and his wife Monika on Sunday evening at Aozora in Montclair, NJ to celebrate his 40th birthday with the, um, time-honored tradition of Chilean sea bass.

What I’m sad about: That the weather was so bad last Tuesday that I couldn’t get into NYC for an alumni seminar on Bartleby. I would have preferred to! (but seriously, it was one of those rain-and-wind episodes that turns into a 2-hour drive just to get into the city)

What I’m worried about: Getting those last two FDA speakers locked in for my conference in September. After a long delay, my contact at FDA HQ finally got back to me on Sunday. His e-mail mentioned that I should “fill out the attachment,” but the e-mail contained no attachment. Sigh.

What I’m pondering: When I’ll get around to wearing these. (They were on sale, and they only had my size.)

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