What It Is: 7/20/09

What I’m reading: Killshot, by Elmore Leonard, and A Drifting Life, by Yoshihiro Tatsumi.

What I’m listening to: Neko Case’s Middle Cyclone.

What I’m watching: We tried watching Rachel Getting Married, on the recommendation of Robert Wilonsky or someone else I occasionally trust, but every single character was so boring and unlikable that we gave up and watched Mamet’s House of Games.

What I’m drinking: Bluepoint Blueberry Ale.

What Rufus is up to: Hiking, jumping in more bodies of water, and otherwise just getting used to the summer heat, now that it’s semi-arrived.

Where I’m going: Nowhere in particular, although I keep thinking I should get into the city sometime to visit friends.

What I’m happy about: That problem with the downstairs freezer was a) what I figured (a blown board in the thermostat) and b) easy and relatively cheap to fix (I’ll install the $60 replacement part myself, although we needed an $80 service call last weekend to diagnose it).

What I’m sad about: That my voice is shot because I tried having a conversation in a noisy bar yesterday afternoon. A bunch of greyhound-owners were having a get-together (sans doggies) at a nearby restaurant/bar, and evidently the live music (Celtic band Irish Whiskey or somesuch) starts playing at four o’clock on a Sunday afternoon there. So now I sound like mid-game Phil Jackson.

What I’m worried about: Eh. Not much of anything. Which may be a sign of depression, but I think it’s more just a general easing of tension after a rough two-month span.

What I’m pondering: The question, “What’s the movie of the decade?” I think I’ll post about it later this week, from my rather limited perspective. At present, my problem is that the two that jump to mind came out in 1999.

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  1. Although “The Onion” called it “boring,” I can comfortably recommend the filmed version of “Killshot” with Mickey Rourke, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Diane Lane.

    Your Pal,


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