Lost in the Supermarket: Through the ‘S’ Bend

In response to popular demand (okay, one commenter), Lost in the Supermarket is back! I’d been thinking about resurrecting this Tuesday-morning feature for a few weeks, and my wife’s trip to the supermarket last weekend clinched it!

What other venue could possibly be appropriate for the sheer inappropriateness of . . . Deep Reach toilet bowl cleaner?

As Amy put it, “Shouldn’t the dispenser be a rubber fist?”

What S Bend?

Back next week with something less toilet humor-ish. I mean, not much less. After all, this blog once had an “about the author” tagline of “Gil Roth: Lowering the bar since 1971.”

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2 Replies to “Lost in the Supermarket: Through the ‘S’ Bend”

  1. The FIST PIG story was actually in the first draft of this post, but it went on WAY too long and was kinda tangential. I better post that anecdote sometime soon!

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