What It Is: 7/21/08

What I’m reading: Against the Gods, and Bottomless Belly Button

What I’m listening to: Court and Spark, by Joni Mitchell, and Hearts and Bones, by Paul Simon

What I’m watching: Dazed and Confused, and Sunshine (not the 87-hour Ralph Fiennes movie of the same title)

What I’m drinking: Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Where I’m going: A mini-class reunion in Philadelphia next Thursday night, allegedly. I write, “allegedly,” because it’s taking place a hipster bowling alley, and I know of only one other attendee. I thought about using my frequent-flyer miles to take a 30-hour Fri-Sat round trip to San Diego for the Comic-Con, but decided against it, in favor of hitting my company picnic on Friday and trying to have another quiet weekend like this past one.

What I’m happy about: A new Paul Weller album comes out tomorrow, and so does the DVD of Spaced!

What I’m sad about: My dad almost destroyed his car by getting gas from one of those discount stations. On the plus side, he saved 8 cents per gallon, which would add up to a whole dollar in savings, based on the fuel tank in my car.

What I’m pondering: Why Roche had to go and bid for the remaining shares of Genentech about a day or so before my Top Companies issue comes out, in which I praise Roche for leaving Genentech independent. (I realize the integration is more about back-office functions, while letting the R&D functions stand on their own, but that trick never works.)

5 Replies to “What It Is: 7/21/08”

  1. Dunno. Maybe Vanessa’s, or maybe his Sonata. Luckily, his pal Lou told him that, when you’ve got water in the tank, you need to rock the car back and forth, to mix it with the gas, so you don’t get too much water running into the engine. Then, when you have time, get dry gas in the line to clean it out.

    This occurred about 120 miles from home in 100-degree heat on Saturday and, rather than call AAA, he was prepared to call GYR.

  2. we’re all excited out here about Spaced coming out, too; if they’d just release the UK version of Life on Mars so we could see season two after we canceled the cable package with BBC America, all would be fine in our TV-watching world

  3. I’ve only seen about 10 minutes of one episode (Paintball), but that convinced me that I’d enjoy Spaced a lot more than I did Hot Fuzz.

  4. UPDATE: No Philadelphia trip! The mini-reunion turnout appears to be a collection of people I don’t know. That’s a step up from my initial fear that it would be composed of a squad of vengeful ex-girlfriends who had developed superpowers as part of their quest to rid the earth of me. Whew!

    And James Wood’s new book, How Fiction Works, is also coming out on Tuesday!

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