Lost in the Supermarket: The Flavor of Night

This series of posts about adventures in my local supermarkets began with a single product. This is that product:

I suppose the indigo packaging, set off against the sky blue of the other toothpastes, was enough to catch my eye. Who puts toothpaste in a dark box? Wouldn’t that be tantamount selling it in a dingy yellow carton?

Not if your toothpaste possesses . . . the flavor of night!

Yes, this brand of Crest is somehow imbued with “clean night mint,” as opposed to the dirtyDIRTY day mint of other toothpastes. Studying the box, I was struck by two thoughts:

  1. It’s pretty ballsy for a company to try to convince consumers that they need to use two different toothpastes, depending on time of day. Maybe they can come up with a mid-day toothpaste to mask the odor of a lunchtime martini.
  2. The Color of Night was such a bad movie that the New Yorker decided to review it as a comedy, instead of a thriller.

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5 Replies to “Lost in the Supermarket: The Flavor of Night”

  1. I’d never heard of Color of Night, and it certainly looks wretched. In 1994, however, I would have completely fallen for “let’s go see Richard Rush’s first movie since The Stunt Man.” Good thing nobody spontaneously invites me to undermarketed movies anymore.

  2. I never saw it, but I like the fact that Leslie Ann Warren, near 50 at the time, was the second female lead in an “erotic thriller”. She was a heck of a Miss Scarlet a decade earlier, though…

  3. I’m punching you in the mouth the next time I see you for ever insulting Leslie Ann Warren, at any age in any made-up genre of movie. I don’t know what heaven is like, but I’m pretty sure you while you’re standing in line to see St. Peter you get to make out with a 50-year-old Ms. Warren.

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