Maybe his brother can suit up!

I’m kinda astonished that the NFL season starts tomorrow night. I figure I’ll order up some pizza on the way home from Amy’s train and watch the Giants begin their defense of the champi —

— oh, who am I kidding? The Giants could go 3-13 this year and I won’t care! They beat the Patriots in the Superbowl and derailed The Perfect Season!

Anyway, I was just clicking around on and noticed that Baltimore’s starting QB Kyle Boller last year is gone for the season. I wondered who’s going to start for new head coach John Harbaugh, and I read the following sentence:

Boller entered the preseason competing for the starting job with Troy Smith and top draft pick Joe Flacco, who ultimately won the job because of Boller’s injury and Smith’s lengthy battle with infected tonsils.

So that means that Baltimore is starting a QB because one of his competitors wrecked his shoulder and the other got tonsilitis.

I know this team won a Superbowl with Trent Dilfer at QB (beating the Giants), but I have a feeling the Ravens fans will be covering their eyes and saying, “Nevermore!” a week or two into the season.

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  1. According to this guy, Kurt Warner should be the subject of a major bidding war.

    Part of what I love about the NFL is the “wow, that one play could ruin our entire season” possibilities, as demonstrated by the Pats last Sunday.

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