Unrequired Reading: June 13, 2008

Solid, links!

I know I have at most at least one reader who’s excited by the prospect of 20 questions with Thomas Dolby.

* * *

60% of NBA players go broke within 5 years of retiring? Brian Cuban explores how this happens.

* * *

Great. More scummy air-travel.

* * *

Bruce Springsteen: cock-blocker.

* * *

Subtraction: Hey, I liked Speed Racer!

My Year of Flops: I didn’t!

* * *

“It is said that half of all construction cranes in the world are in Dubai.” I hear the rest are tipping over in Manhattan.

* * *

Autoextremist unloads on Minimum Bob.

* * *

To quote Grandpa Al Lewis: Fuck the FCC!

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