Unrequired Reading: May 16, 2008

yeahyeah: make with the Friday-into-the-weekend reading. . .

Sinistar scared the living crap out of me.

* * *

If you only invent one thing in your life, it may as well be this.

* * *

At least Shane Black survived the ’90s and went on to write and direct Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which I adore. Joe Eszterhas, on the other hand, made this.

* * *

I never actually saw any of Rauschenberg’s art, so I checked some out on a slideshow in the NYT’s obit on him. I wasn’t very impressed; guess I’m just a philistine. Jack Shafer isn’t very impressed with the fawning obits.

* * *

People who build glass staircases shouldn’t throw theoretical jargon.

* * *

Keith Law recently finished reading Anthony Powell’s 12-volume Dance to the Music of Time, and writes about it as part of his “I’m going to read every book from the Time 100 list of best novels since 1923” project. (I think; his next book is by Zola, who died 20+ years before 1923.) Looking over that Time list quickly, it looks like I’ve read 33 or 34 of their picks, and can guarandamntee you that a whole lot of them ought’nt to be on that list.

* * *

Mr. Comics Reporter, Tom Spurgeon, offers up the greatest comic character of all time. There’s no room for debate.

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