Unrequired Reading: May 23, 2008

It’s the Memorial Day Weekend! Here are some links to check out in between grilling dogz and burgz! Have a great holiday, American readers!

Seeing the LP for Who Are You in a bargain bin in 1993 made me nostalgic for the proportions of album covers; Subtraction is nostalgic for the days when album covers weren’t design-heavy snooze-fests.

* * *

Adam Weinstein writes about Christopher Hitchens’ literary criticism, but still spends a while on his politics.

* * *

I enjoyed this piece by Pat Jordan on what’s wrong with sports journalism in large part because of the nuts-and-bolts-iness of it.

* * *

Is this some sort of kangaroo court?

* * *

My gosh, it’d be terrible if Obama won the presidency! We might see the dollar decline in value and government spending rise! Y’know, as opposed to the fantastic condition the dollar’s in now, and the spending restraint we saw from the GOP when it controlled the White House and Congress from 2000 to 2006.

* * *

I’m getting ready to take this job.

* * *

What’s your breakup novel?

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