Unrequired Reading: Sep. 21, 2007

To my Jewish readers: have an easy fast.

To my non-Jewish readers: be fast and easy.

On with the show!

Just for Tina: Australian architecture and ugliness.

* * *

Um, I was just gonna go with Wite-Out.

* * *

Michael Bierut (go buy his book) looks back at his design portfolio, c. 1979.

* * *

Light keeps me company, part 2.

* * *

While music keeps Tom Spurgeon company. (And they’re some mighty fine selections) (Go buy his book, too)

* * *

Sports uniforms are made for superheroes. The steroid-business all makes sense now!

* * *

Unfortunately, I would probably do something like this if I were in comparable straits. (Get well, VIP)

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