What It Is: 2/16/09

What I’m reading: Montaigne & Clive James. And this lengthy article by Michael Lewis about Shane Battier and the intangibles on NBA statistics.

What I’m listening to: Some podcasts of the B.S. Report.

What I’m watching: To Die For, Lisa Lampanelli’s HBO special, and the first episode of Dollhouse.

What I’m drinking: Dona Paula Malbec 2007

What Rufus is up to: Celebrating his 4th birthday on Saturday! Happy birthday, Ru! We took him to a dog park to celebrate, but he seemed less interested in the other dogs and more interested in people. Probably because dogs don’t carry dog-treats in their pockets. He also got his hike in on Sunday, so he’s pretty zonky now. Don’t disturb him.

Where I’m going: Nowhere special.

What I’m happy about: Long-ass weekend to go nowhere special!

What I’m sad about: That I was so befuddled/frustrated by Montaigne’s Of vanity.

What I’m pondering: When we’ll see a movie in which Michael Cera and Jack McBrayer play totally villainous scumbags.

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