2013 Podcast Countdown: #1 Top of the Pods

It’s taken a week, but the Virtual Memories podcast countdown is complete! Our most downloaded episode from 2013 is all about the Great Books!

#1 – Highest Learning – Eva Brann discusses her 50-plus years teaching the Great Books curriculum at St. John’s College, how the program has changed (and how it hasn’t), her role as a female tutor at a time when virtually the entire faculty, student body, and curriculum was male, and more! Then we have a conversation with St. John’s alumnus and Virtual Memories pal Ian Kelley about his experiences in the program and how they informed his life, his decision to join the Navy, and which books he wished he spent more time with during the program. (6/11/13) – mp3

I knew this one was going to be big; in fact, it’s the most downloaded episode in the show’s history! Ms. Brann is a hugely important figure in the history of St. John’s, and the college did a great job helping to publicize this one (as they did with the St. John’s tutor interviews I posted in 2012 with David Townsend and Tom May). It doesn’t hurt that she’s such a great conversationalist!

Now go listen to our most downloaded episode from 2013! And if you’ve got smart kids who are starting to think of college, take a look at St. John’s!

These were the top 10 episodes, but I’m proud of all 32 episodes I posted during the year. I couldn’t have done it without all these wonderful guests, and I’m awfully glad to have an audience with whom I can share these conversations! (While I’m at it, I should also thank Libsyn for making such an easy system for posting & hosting these podcasts!)

Here’s the rest of the Top 10:

#10-8 – Craig Gidney / Ed Hermance, Drew Friedman, Jesse Sheidlower

#7 – Willard Spiegelman

#6 – Pete Bagge

#5 – Lori Carson

#4 – Ben Katchor

#3 – John Crowley / Scott Edelman

#2 – Michael Kupperman / Ivan Brunetti

And remember, you can find all our episodes at the podcast archive or by visiting iTunes! Wanna see pix of our guests? Check out the flickr set!

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